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Things To Carry You Through Retirement, Part 1

In this segment, there’s a lot of talk about saving for retirement again because social security might not be there forever. An important idea that is brought up here is the fact that you need a mixture of investments to help carry you through retirement.

Things To Carry You Through Retirement, Part 2

In this segment, the subject of how important the stock markets really are is discussed. They also talk about how the financial group works for you.

Investment Advice For Going Into a New Year, Part 1

In this segment, the subject of stock markets and saving for your future comes up again. A piece of advice was given for dealing with the stock markets and your financial strategy going into a new year, which was nothing should change all that much unless a major lifestyle change happens. Conversation about creating a balance sheet with all your income and expenditures to see if you come out positive or negative.

Investment Advice For Going Into a New Year, Part 2

In this segment, the importance of finding a financial advisor or fiduciary that has your best interest in mind was stressed throughout. The relative strength of the stock market compared to government bonds was also mentioned. Finally the idea of picking an investment plan that has better quality over a period of time and how important starting your investments is.

Yearend Advice, Part 1

During this segment, there was a lot of talk about sticking with your investments and reallocation of some profits from well performing investments. It was also stressed to rebalance your portfolio to what it was at the start of the year. Towards the end the importance of saving for retirement was stressed because there's nobody to help while in retirement.

Yearend Advice, Part 2

In this segment, the topic of taking care of yourself and your retirement was talked about. The important topic of reviewing your insurance policies and making sure the work for you was mentioned because premiums are getting lower and lower.

Reviews, Part 1

Throughout this segment the importance of reviewing your bills and financial plan more than once a year was stressed. While discussing and reviewing they talked about making sure you diversify your investments again to hopefully make sure nothing catastrophic happens.

Reviews, Part 2

This half of the show talked mostly about keeping on top of debts, how major geopolitical events affect the stock market, and how social security might not be here forever.

What Does The Financial Group Do?
In this segment, the discussion is based around the stock markets and what to do in them to get the most out of your investment.
You Are Your First Bill

Throughout this segment, paying yourself first, having a budget, starting young, and having a plan was fully fleshed out. It's important to find and work with a certified planner to help.

You Are Your First Bill-Be Prepared

In this segment, the topic of taking care of yourself and making sure you are the first thing you spend your money on.

Dealing With The Financial Fallout After Divorce, Part 1
In this segment, the topic of divorce and finances were discussed. The overall theme was to talk to a professional when dealing with anything related to divorce besides just divorce lawyers, have professionals look over anything to do with assets, or anything to do with beneficiaries like 401K’s, etc.  
Market Advice/Retirement investing, Part 2
This part of the segment differed from the first; in this segment the focus was mostly on insurance and financial planning, whether that be for insurance purposes or retirement. The important idea of having a plan and starting young or earlier than you think is stressed over and over again.
Market Advice/Retirement Investing, Part 1

This segment starts focusing on the stock markets, the advice mainly offered in this segment was to start young and don’t wait to start investing. There were plenty of good pieces of advice shared about investing in the stock markets.

Dealing With The Financial Fallout After Divorce, Part 2

In this segment, the topic of discussion varied more than the last segment. Throughout this segment, the topic of companies investing in 401K’s came up and why they’re important to have in a company. The subject of divorce came up again and the importance of getting an advisor was very much stressed. Towards the end, insurance was discussed briefly.

Budgeting For Retirement
This segment mainly focuses on how important it is to budget, including for retirement, and what you should start thinking about when you plan on starting to save.
Retirement Planning
This segment also deals with saving money for retirement but focuses on the markets, what to do in them, and how to use the markets effectively to help get the most out of your investment. They use the conversation about the markets to jump back into using a small amount of money to invest in your retirement.
General investing disclosure

Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No Investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss.

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